Welcome and thank you for considering me for the musical portion of your wedding or other special event. Below, I have a few sample wedding possibilities from previous weddings, but I certainly can do “your” music.  If you have a favorite popular piece you would like me to arrange for you, I can do that in any style you desire.

I can also offer ensembles such as Guitar and Flute, Violin, Oboe, or you decide.  My trio could play for you as well on Guitar, Flute, and Oboe. (See the Mozart sample).  It could be a Ragtime trio for the cocktail hour. (The Sterling Clark Art Museum had this for an art opening.) Just let me know what you are thinking about, and we can arrive at the right result.

I can supply a band afterwards if you like with our area’s best musicians.

Music adds a touch of elegance that completes your special day.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your upcoming wedding or event.